Scotland Continued

Here’s the second instalment of my posts from my trip to Scotland – As I mentioned previously, it was a tough trip with the weather – no major sunrises / sunsets, but very interesting conditions for atmospheric photography with low cloud / fog, and quite flat light.

The first shot this evening is from Glencoe Lochan. On a still morning, the view across this loch is wonderful . It’s protected from the wind by the peaks that surround it, often – the reflections are flawless. The extent of the low cloud that was quite dominant during my stay is apparent here, with it surrounding the peak that sits behind the Loch. The light was very cool, which I quite like in an image nowadays, and even in winter, there was a bit nice colour in the trees, and forest that surrounds the water here:

Glencoe Lochan, Scotland


The second image is a river based shot – I wandered along the River Coupall around Stob Dearg, looking for an original composition ( The classic waterfall shot with this mountain has little appeal to me ). The rocks in the water were creating a lovely water motion flowing towards the foreground of my intended shot, and the low cloud hanging around the peak was pretty appealing as well.

I’ve processed this one in almost mono way, which I really enjoy from time to time – cooler tones, with some heavy emphasis on that lovely water motion. I like the sense of drama that the processing choice brings to this image:The Coupall Flows, Glencoe

More to follow !!

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