The Finer Detail of Spring

A recent commercial photography assignment led me to be out and about a fair bit shooting images of Spring in the UK to illustrate a photography competition.

As part of that assignment, one the aspects of capturing spring images that I thoroughly enjoyed was shooting some more intimate, or macro type images of the landscape starting to come to life again after winter. Looking closely to see the effect of spring on the landscape had me noticing the smaller details –  I’ve had a macro lens for a couple of years, but not really utilised it too much, – the satisfaction I personally got from the first attempts at these images had me taking this lens out in my bag on a few occasions.

As a landscape oriented shooter, those grander landscapes are all about light and the right time of day, so often when travelling around, I find myself with dead time photography wise during the day when the light is strongest – this re-discovered aspect of photography seems to fill that gap very well – I can shoot with stronger light, and still realise pleasing images 😉

I’m happy enough with my results now to publish a few of these images –

This first one is from the hedge rows of Dartmoor, Devon – they are absolutely alive this time of year with a variety of these little beauties – the on  / off rain completed this image nicely, with a few drops on the petals of the flower.

A delicate wild flower after a rain shower

Next up is a bit more creative with focus, but still macro based. Again the rain was a factor – the drops in the grass, with a deliberate use of out of focus to achieve a lovely bokeh effect came off nicely – was really pleased with this one.

Rain drops in the grass on Dartmoor

This third image is another flower close up – Dartmoor again, and those hedge rows teaming with life! I like the colour contrast with the vibrant pinks, and a soft green backdrop – had a great complimentary feel for me this one.

A due of wild hedge flowers after the rain

Less of a macro image for the last shot, but all about the detail all the same – I shot this with a 24-70 2.8 lens, off a tripod with the camera facing straight down to the floor – the contrasts with the whiter aspects of these ferns looked great – the landscape in this area is highly chalk based, so could be that on the plants – loved the detail of this with so much to look at, and the variety of green shades. The ‘abstract’ leaning of this attracted me to shoot this in the first place.

A Fern plantation coming back to life in the spring on the Sussex Downs, UK

I’ve decided to start a ‘detail’ section on the website here for this genre of image – will be interesting to see what variety and level of quality I can achieve in the future – it’s great to look at the natural worl;d in a new way – photography opens my eyes to the habitat around me in so many ways – it can be a wonderful journey of discovery..

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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