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It’s been a while since I wrote much on my blog here. In between work / home being busy, and actually shooting some images, then working with them, not had too much chance to think about writing. I’ll try to get some more thoughts down about specific matters on a more regular basis.

This post is really just a vehicle to say something about a few new images that I’ve produced recently. I’ve not been promoting my photography much on social media recently – the Facebook controlled platforms hack me off to be honest, with all of the crap that goes with them, so I’m loathe to use them – perhaps to my own detriment, but hey, that’s my choice, for today anyway.

Enough about social media, that’s a whole different subject !! Here’s some images. I’m continuing to try to evolve how I shoot, and how I process my images – I see both those sides of photography as being something that should be worked on continually – It’s important for me to grow and improve – hopefully that’s reflected in the difference between my images from 12 months ago, and now –

This first one is from the winter last year – Bat’s Head, in Dorset. It’s a lovely spot ( with Durdle Door just to the left of this image ). I’d shot the sun rising behind Durdle Door, and on the walk back to the car park, the sun had just got high enough to light up Bat’s Head in this lovely warm glow. The wash of the tide made a nice line from bottom left out to the main area of light, and the head itself :

Bat's Head in Dorset at sunrise, by Mark Price Photography

This next one is something more abstract from May time. Each year, I visit the woods at Micheldever to capture the bluebells. This year was the same, but on one morning there was some lovely fog when I arrived, which gave the woods a fantastic ethereal atmosphere. I got a few more traditional shots, and was then messing around a bit with panning my camera on a tripod – this one came out in the wash, which is unusual, but interests me for it’s uniqueness, at least  :

In camera motion at Micheldever Woods, Hampshire

This next shot is from my trip to Switzerland in April this year. That was really memorable, and I think I’m going to go back again, maybe later this year, or if not, then late winter again next year. I absolutely love to shoot snowy scenes, and this range in the Alps above Zermatt was just colossal, a mesmerising giant before my eyes.

A snow storm was blowing in over the Matterhorn, which was to the right of this shot, and the broken clouds were letting areas of light pass onto the mountains. I loved the way this peak was lit, and the shadowed areas of the foreground were darker – it really was breathtaking to take this scene in :

A moment of light during a snowstorm in the Valais Alps above Zermatt

Lastly, for now, is an image from the New Forest this summer, on a trip not too long ago. The heather plants are out again, and they cover the common areas of the forest with this beautiful purple bed. I spotted this lone tree on a scouting mission the first night – we then went back a couple of times for sunrise shoots. On the second morning, I managed to bag this with a series of focus stacked, and bracketed images :

Summer Heather at first light on Rockford Common, Hampshire

Thanks for taking the time to read – let me know if you have any thoughts on these. I’m thoroughly enjoying just shooting and really taking my time with preparing my images just now, without any time pressure. I love to experiment with processing techniques – refine each image, start again if need be, walk away for a few days, then re-consider, make small adjustments, view them on different monitors etc – it’s all part of a journey to a finished piece of work. Sometimes the journey is quick – on other occasions, it requires a longer span of time.

Photography is my passion, one of the greatest enjoyments in my life, and taking that enjoyment at my own pace feels good. It feels like I’m making progress towards being a better photographer..




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