Scenes of ’17

A few new images to post this evening that I’ve shot throughout 2017. Recent weeks have felt a bit sparse photography wise, and not for a lack of effort.

1 or 2 trips yielded poor results due to weather over August, and I’ve shot images that I didn’t really connect with after having a closer look at home – it’s often the way – I feel like the rate of satisfaction with my images gets lower as time goes on – I think that’s because my standards are increasing, so I only want to publish work that has the right ‘feel’ for me personally.

I’ve got a month of free time starting today, with at least 2 new trips lined up, am very much hoping to come out of October with some Autumn goodness to show for my endeavours !!

So, here’s the images – we’ll start with this one from Switzerland in April – I’ve had this bubbling on the¬†cauldron for a while now, not being able to work out how I wanted to process the file. After lots of experimentation, I finally got to a point where I have a connection to it. I’m a huge fan of ‘darker’ pieces of photography created by artists like Enrico Fossati. With that in mind, I tried to take this in that direction – a bit ‘Tolkienesque’.

I was in the town of Wengen above Lauterbrunnen during my stay in the region, and we had a couple of mornings of magnificent low cloud around the Alps. I had noticed these huge birds above this peak ( I think they were vultures from what i’ve since read ), and snapped a few frames – The towering mountains peeking through the cloud, with those sizeable birds, made the scene look quite intense and foreboding, which I like :

The mountains above Lauterbrunnen , Switzerland

This next image is from much closer to home. The mists are starting to become more frequently locally in Sussex as Autumn approaches, and there is quite a view from a spot near Alfriston looking towards Eastbourne, and out to sea. On this particular morning there was a complete blanket of mist over the whole landscape, and I shot this particular image. Look closely at the back of the frame and you’ll see a large tanker on it’s voyage through the Channel. I always love to shoot the mist, it completely transforms landscapes, and this morning was no exception. I’ll be hoping for a few of these mornings during my free time, for sure!! :

Photograph by Mark Price of A Sea of Mist covers the Sussex Landscape at Firle

This last one for now is from one of my favourite scenes in the UK. Tryfan is a towering peak in the Snowdonia range. I’ve been over that way a couple of times now, only really scratching the surface of the potential of the landscape ( winter will be very interesting over there, for sure! ), but this little waterfall is always a good bet. I’d been on the other side of the peaks leading up to sunset, but due to it being summer the place I was shooting from was in shadow, and the shot I wanted wasn’t really on, so I headed to this place for last light. It was really pleasing to see the peak of Tryfan lit up by the last moments of the sun for that particular day. The ‘candy’ clouds above the mountain also made for a complimentary addition to the image in my opinion, so was pretty happy to finish off my shooting for the day with this number :

A Band of light hits Tryfan in Snowdonia, Wales

Those are a few more of my ‘highlights’ of the last few months – if luck is on my side, October should see me increase my ‘haul’ of keepers for 2017. I’ll certainly be shooting most days this coming month, so my ‘hit rate’ will be on the increase, at least thats what I figure, anyway!!

Thanks for reading, and Happy shooting!!




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