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Summer 2018 – Continued

Following on from my post last week, I’ve a good few more summer images to share ! 🙂 I’ll get straight into the images rather than too much background – if you want to read the 1st in the series of posts about my summer, here it is Otherwise – here goes : The Alps around France, Italy, and Switzerland have fascinated, and attracted me for quite some time now – I’ve made numerous trips down that way. The less […]

New Material for Summer

It’s always really pleasing to have new material to release, and this summer has been a productive one photography wise for me. I’ve had a good month away from the day job, and travelled through the southern French Alps, into the Aosta Valley in Italy, and on to a few days around Cortina D’Ampezzo in the Dolomites, as well as a couple of home base trips to Cornwall, and Wales. Numbers are not really that important to me in the […]

Seeking Snippets

Light, and the seeking of, drive my photography more as time passes. This year, in particular, I’ve found myself hunting those brief moments when a sliver of light passes over a landscape scene, and transforms the world into illuminated magic. At least, that’s how it appears for me. These elusive moments are not so easy to come by – I think I probably catch 5-6 per year max, if that, but the hunt for them – oh so addictive!! Weather, […]