A Time To Write..

So, i thought I’d just add a little introductory piece to my website here to ( loosely ) explain why this blog is here. 4 years ago, I used a smartphone to start shooting ‘artistic’ based photos around my sleepy home town in Sussex, England. From that day until now, I’ve been pretty hooked on learning the art of photography.

The journey has taken me a long way from a smartphone, to complex, professional camera equipment, and even further from my home to some of the most amazing locations on earth.

I have formed some opinions along the way about photography in general, photographic style, processing images, planning and shooting images ( plus a load more topics ) that I feel would be good to express. This journal gives me a platform to do that in my own time. Hopefully some of it will be interesting, and, dare I say it, occasionally helpful ( I plan on adding some educational material as well ). Feel free to reply to any articles you see here – I’m glad to hear your opinions / viewpoints ( even if they differ from mine ).

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!!

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