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Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you find some of the images, and writing enjoyable.

I’m a UK based landscape photographer – I live in the south of the UK near Brighton. I’m often found travelling around the world looking for compelling moments that our beautiful planet creates – I’m very passionate about the natural planet, and love to photograph what I see with my camera.

I see photography as an art form, and therefore I am perfectly comfortable with enhancing my work through digital techniques to create a finished piece of work. I use Lightroom, with Photoshop in order to finalise my vision for each image that I publish.

My work has been widely published across the internet, and in a variety of photographic publications around the world. I’ve been awarded numerous accolades for the art that I create.

I’m mostly always happy to chat about photography, or answer questions that people may have about kit / techniques etc – drop me a line via the contact form ,or my social channels, and i’ll do my best to answer.

Every image published on this website is dedicated to the memory of my wonderful son Connor, who tragically passed away on 2nd April 2019, aged just 18 years old. Connor was a great supporter of my art, and I like to believe he is watching over me with pride that I continue to pursue my huge passion for photography. Love you always kidder – Rest in Peace x