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I’m really pleased to have finally got to a point that I can offer prints of my work. This has taken a long time with me, for a couple of reasons :

I’m very fussy about how my prints look, and their general quality. In the last year or so, I have tried so many print houses, and largely been disappointed with the proofing process. The ICC profiles that match the colour of your print on the screen, and give an indication of how a print might look on a certain paper always seem to be a fair way off for me, and I have ended up making 2-3 test prints before being in a position to order. The timescale of this process is really poor – a test print can take 3-7 days to arrive – if 3 tests are required to get the colours correct, that’s 21 days. Customers simply do not want to wait that period of time for prints to be dispatched, so I’ve been working with my own printing facilities to get the art of printing nailed, and be able to make prints that I’m hugely proud of.

I’ve also held off, quite simply, because I was not confident that my work was good enough for sale until this year – back to that ‘fussy’ point! As I started to experiment with printing, it became clear that not every image works well on paper. As a result I’ve been quite choosy about the prints that I offer for sale, and have worked hard to build a growing portfolio of works that look good on paper as well as when framed, and up on the wall.

I’m really looking forward to being able to expand my offering to much larger prints during December when I can take delivery of a larger printer – It’s been a while getting myself in a position to do that, but I’m nearly there! Just for now, up to A2 is my limit ( 17in shortest side ), but that is a decent start!

Some of my favourite pieces of recent work are shown below in various rooms. I feel like choosing prints for a room can be quite a challenge, so I’ve launched a ‘print matching service’ for my work today as part of the shop launch – if you see an image here that you think would look good on your wall – send me a photo of the room, and I’ll mock up how it will look for you, free of charge, no obligation. Check out the prints page for details..

So, great to be up and running with some commercial facilities!! – the prints are in the shop area if you want to take a look




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