A Bump In A Squall

During my trip to Scotland, I’ve mentioned previously that there was a significant volume of low cloud prevalent in the area. On this particular day the peaks around the village of Ballachulish were fairly closed in, although the cloud was moving quite quickly, and there was a fair amount of rain around – what might be described as a ‘Sqaull’

This particular peak took on a conical, bump like shape as the cloud passed , the dramatic contrasts made it look like a fairly menacing scene. It instantly caught my eye.I hopped out of the motor with a long lens, and fired a fair few frames Рthis one stood out when I reviewed the images, the way that the cloud is hanging over the peak was quite nice for me.

I’m enjoying seeking out this type of unusual moment , a short period of weather, or light can provide a nice scene for an image!


A squall encapsulates a peak in Scotland

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