Mornings of Joy

The season of mist, and fog is slowly coming around again in the South of England – spring always brings those mornings where the landscape of Sussex can look magical and mysterious.

Mist, and fog are my favourite weather conditions for shooting, without a doubt. I watch the weather fairly avidly as a photographer, with a very keen eye for the right conditions that are likely to bring about mist / fog close to home. If there is one thing guaranteed to get me out of bed in the middle of the night , it’s a forecast of fog, or mist.

Last week was the first time I had seen a decent forecast like this for a few weeks – an opportunity not to be missed. I was out in the South Downs National Park at around 6am to climb to one of my favourite elevated viewpoints to see what the morning would bring. High pressure weather systems, with reasonably clear skies, and high humidity is what to look for in the forecast. If there’s been a bit of rain in the preceding days, even better.

On this occasion, it was more fog than mist – a quite thick fog that the light had a little difficulty penetrating for a while, more a frontal type fog, than the more favourable radiation mist that I so look forward to seeing.

However, It was a beautiful morning to be out, and I captured a few images that I like – different to the bolder style that I normally go for, due to the fog, but after a bit of work in post to improve the contrast an clarity, I’m enjoying them 🙂

It’s always worthwhile persisting with fog for a while, even if it is thick initially – it can take just a moment for the sun to penetrate, and create really photogenic moments.

The images have a high key, almost painting like feel to them – some weak light rays here and there as the sun came up, and a bit of colour that the camera picked up nicely in one of them to give a warmer image. These type of photographic opportunities are exactly why I head out in this type of condition – the landscape takes on a completely different appearance in such weather, – images like this are not possible to create without fog, or mist – it would be difficult to create them again with the same conditions / light,  which makes them individual pieces that I love to have in my image collection. Looking forward to  printing these!!

Morning Fog encapsulates the sussex landscape

The sun illuminates the early morning landscape in Sussex, UK

The rural landscape of Sussex, wrapped in fog

Im hoping for a few more days like this over April / May this year !! Happy Shooting!

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