Illuminated Moments

My recent trip to the Swiss & French Alps was a fantastic experience. I was seeking some late winter mountain photography, and I found it, in abundance at altitude – below about 1000m spring was well and truly in flow, but venturing a little higher, there was plenty of the white stuff for me to explore, and more importantly, shoot. The hiking at altitude to get to some of the places I shot stripped a good few pounds off me, and I came back feeling exceptionally fit and healthy, with a bag full of images too – bonus!!

One of the themes of my developing photographic taste is fleeting moments of light – I love to see them, and I’ve long admired the mountain based work of some quite esteemed landscape photographers who have caught such moments in the higher echelons of the earth.

This first piece is from the couple of days I spent over at Chamonix. I wasn’t sure what to expect here during winter, and how accessible the mountains would be – after a bit of figuring out and map studying, I got myself up to Flegere via cable car, which gave me a perfect panorama of the Mont Blanc Massif. I knew the telephoto that I took with me would pay dividends at some point, and it really came into it’s own here. This peak is known as the Aiguille de Blaitière (3,522 m) – jagged, pointy peaks always do it for me in the right light, and I was able to catch some lovely passing cloud and side-lighting while cropped in quite tight. The mono choice was an easy one in terms of post work – light / dark areas with great shapes and cloud are perfect for dramatic black and white images 🙂

The Aiguille de Blaitière surrounded by clouds over Chamonix, France, landscape photography by Mark Price

Second up is a more colourful image from Rosenlaui Gorge – Schwarzhorn has an elevation of 2928m, and from 2000m at Rosenlauistock, I was able to get a great view across this peak as a beautiful sunset occurred – this one is not so much about the light on the peak itself, more the great vibrant colours that exploded for a few short minutes. The trees silhouettes felt like they made a nice foreground, and I quite like where this ended up.

A colourful sunset behind Schwarzhorn peak in Switzerland - landscape photography by Mark Price

Last up for this instalment is the incredible Wellhorn peak in the Engelberg range – at 3192m this was an amazing sight – pyramid shaped peaks make for great photographic subjects – I guess they are the epitome of what a mountain ‘should’ be – There’s a wonderful remote gorge close to this range that I had the privilege to explore late afternoon, and through twilight – this place was one of the highlights of my trip for sure – just incredible scenery. 2-3 days serious shooting would be easy in this natural heaven.  I caught the light hitting the top of this mountain as the day faded – the little cloud system hugging the peak was a lovely compliment to the great light display. One of my personal favourites I’ve shot in recent times, for sure!!

Wellhorn illuminated by the last light of the day, landscape photography by Mark Price

More from this trip to follow – soon!!!

Cheers for taking the time to read!

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