Shoot and Print Winter in Sussex Workshop


A 2 day weekend workshop in the Sussex countryside with a focus on coastal and winter scenes of Sussex. The coastline is great in winter due to the positioning of the sun, and if we are lucky enough to have some snow, we will make the most of those conditions! We may also focus on some other aspect of the landscape like trees, forests, and abstracts if the conditions allow.



In this 2 day workshop, we will be looking to exploit the best of the winter conditions in Sussex – the coastline is particularly suitable for winter photography due to the position of the sun at sunrise and sunset, so we may focus on that, or depending on the conditions look for more wintery scenes to photograph at some of the inland locations that can also be fantastic to shoot. Sussex is not renowned for snow in winter, but if the workshop coincides with those type of conditions, we will look to make the most of them!!

My workshops are open to just 2 participants per weekend to ensure that you receive the best guidance, feedback and help that I am able to provide you

Here is the general detail for the 2 days :

Shooting Day :

Depending on the theme of the workshop, and the season, we’ll have decided prior to the workshop day where we will shoot – for example, Spring Flowers is likely to be a more late afternoon / sunset focused shooting day, so we’ll arrange a place to meet, and get the day underway.

We’ll talk as a small group to introduce ourselves, find out a little about each other over a coffee, and get to understand what will be the focus for the shooting day ahead. Based on these conversations, there are a variety of topics we can cover – for example :

  • Light, the best times of day to shoot certain subjects
  • Composition – we can look at some examples, and do some work in the field to figure out good compositions for the actual shoot
  • Research and Scouting – we’ll discuss how to research, and the value this holds in successful landscape photography

We’ll also spend a lot of the day actually capturing images, during which time each participant will be guided in composition, focal point, light, shooting techniques like aperture, shutter speed etc. Our aim will be to capture a few good images in preparation for day two of the workshop.

Printing Day :

Day two involves a review and re-cap of the shoot from the first session in the workshop. At the studio, there’s desk space for each participant to relax, and get their images loaded up into software for processing. I have extensive experience in both Lightroom, and Photoshop – we’ll be using both for this day.

With our images now downloaded to our machines, and available to look at we’ll begin to look at the important process of working with our raw materials to tastefully process the images, and prepare them for print – some topics we’ll likely cover :

  • The basic of post processing with print in mind
  • More advanced techniques in Photoshop for impact
  • Technical considerations for printing – monitors, colour accuracy, light, calibration
  • Paper and layout consideration for print
  • Inks, and machinery for fine art printing

Once we have covered those important topics we’ll be ready to start to rolling prints off the Canon – the printer we’ll be using is the latest Large Format 24 inch model – the Pro-2100. There will be a selection of papers available to try with our images from Fotospeed to understand paper choices.

We’ll be looking to fine tune the images that each participant has created with a view to printing off 2 final, large format ( A2 ) versions that are included with the workshop cost. The printer can print up to A1 size, so participants will be able to leave with an A1 print for a nominal extra cost if they wish.

Have some questions about this workshop – please feel free to contact me to discuss

Please see the workshop information page for details on what’s included, excluded, and payment / deposit terms. Thank you

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Dates Available

12th & 13th December 2020, 9th & 10th January 2021, 16th & 17th January 2021


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