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Shoot & Print Workshops – Sussex

I’m very pleased to announce a set of new workshops that I’m going to be running in Sussex.

We have some beautiful and varied landscapes here in the county, and these 2 day, small group workshops will provide a unique opportunity to not only shoot the landscape with a local professional photographer, but also to learn about another wonderful facet of making photos – printing.

I have a small print studio in the Sussex countryside, central to many locations that will be the base for the 2nd day of these workshops – here’s a summary format:

Day One:

  • Early meet to shoot a suitable location for sunrise ( location will be based on season, and potential conditions )
  • Full day of shooting, tuition, and discussion out in the field, with the aim of capturing some great images of  Sussex

Day Two :

  • Studio based day to understand the art of printing, technical requirements, equipment considerations, paper choices etc
  • Review of images captured the day prior, and post processing of work for printing
  • Printing of images captured during workshop on Large Format Canon ( Pro-2100 24 inch ) Printer
Sample Images from Sussex, captured by Mark :

Each participant will be able to take away 1-2 of their images printed at A2 size, on exhibition quality paper, suitable for framing / display.

The workshops will run over 2 days, mostly at the weekends to suit clients who work during the week – so Saturday / Sunday will be the days for the workshop. I believe that learning and working in small groups is the best format for Photography workshops, and therefore each workshop is limited to 2 people. This enables me to give both participants the guidance and attention that they pay for, as well as encouraging good dialogue, which some people find difficult in larger groups.

Here’s the detail of each day :

Shooting Day :

Depending on the theme of the workshop, and the season, we’ll have decided prior to the workshop day where we will shoot – for example, Spring Flowers is likely to be a more late afternoon / sunset focused shooting day, so we’ll arrange a place to meet, and get the day underway.

We’ll talk as a small group to introduce ourselves, find out a little about each other over a coffee, and get to understand what will be the focus for the shooting day ahead. Based on these conversations, there are a variety of topics we can cover – for example :

  • Light, the best times of day to shoot certain subjects
  • Composition – we can look at some examples, and do some work in the field to figure out good compositions for the actual shooting
  • Research and Scouting – we’ll discuss how to research, and the value this holds in successful landscape photography

Having said that, we’ll actually spend the large majority of the day looking for and capturing images, during which time each participant will be guided in composition, focal point, light, shooting techniques like aperture, shutter speed etc. Our aim will be to have a few good shots in preparation for day two of the workshop.

Sample Images from Sussex, captured by Mark :

Printing Day :

Day two involves a review and re-cap of the shoot from the first session in the workshop. At the studio, there’s desk space for each participant to relax, and get their images loaded up into software for processing. I have extensive experience in both Lightroom, and Photoshop – we’ll be using both for this day.

With our images now downloaded to our machines, and available to look at we’ll begin to look at the important process of working with our raw materials to tastefully process the images, and prepare them for print – some topics we’ll likely cover :

  • The basic of post processing with print in mind
  • More advanced techniques in Photoshop for impact
  • Technical considerations for printing – monitors, colour accuracy, light, calibration
  • Paper and layout consideration for print
  • Inks, and machinery for fine art printing

Once we have covered those important topics we’ll be ready to start to rolling prints off the Canon – the printer we’ll be using is the latest Large Format 24 inch model – the Pro-2100. There will be a selection of papers available to try with our images from Fotospeed to understand paper choices.

We’ll be looking to fine tune the images that each participant has created with a view to printing off a final, large format ( A2 ) version that is included with the workshop cost. The printer can print up to A1 size, so participants will be able to leave with an A1 print for a nominal extra cost if they wish.

The following themed versions of this workshop are available :

Winter In Sussex ( Coastal and Landscape ) – book now

Spring Flowers ( Macro and close scenes ) – book now

Spring Landscape ( Mists, Bluebells, Grand Landscape, Fieldwork ) – book now

Summer Macro ( Butterflies / Flowers ) – book now

The Magic of Autumn ( Landscape, Mists, Forests ) – book now

The studio layout, and some actual print examples :

The cost of the workshop is £350.00 per person.

What’s Included :

2 days of tuition and expert guidance from a professional landscape photographer and highly experience commercial print maker. 2 x A2 prints to take home with you of the work that you produce on the workshop. Tea & Coffee are provided for the 2nd day in the studio environment.

What’s Excluded :

There is no overnight accommodation included with this workshop. If you require overnight accommodation, please let me know, and I can look at local options. IO do not provide insurance for you, or your equipment, although there is public liability insurance at the photography studio. Please ensure that you have your own insurance for your equipment  / self for the field day – we will, of course, make everyone’s safety a priority though. Travel to and from locations, or the studio is not included in the price, or any personal expenditure for meals / drinks.

Equipment you will likely need :

Camera ( DSLR or Mirrorless  ) with lens(es), and tripod able to capture RAW format images – it will be helpful if you have a basic understanding how to use the camera for setting shutter speed, switching modes, aperture controls, ISO. If you have a remote control, bring that along as well.

For lenses – I use the following : 24-70mm, 14-24mm, 100-400mm, 90mm Macro – if you have some, or all of those, great!

Laptop for processing images if you have one ( if you don’t, no problem ).

Deposits, Payment and Cancellation information :

A deposit of 25% will be required to secure a a place on my workshops. You will see an option on the booking page to either pay in full, or pay a 25% deposit. If you prefer to make a deposit payment, the remaining balance will be due 30 days before the workshop commences. I will contact y0u when the final payment is due to arrange this.

I appreciate that there are circumstances in which clients will need to re-arrange or cancel workshops due to unforeseen circumstances – my policy is that if I am able to re-fill the workshop space, I will issue a refund, minus 10% of the total cost to cover administration costs. If I am unable to re-fill the workshop space, the following terms apply :

Cancellation with > 60 days notice : Full refund – 10%

Cancellation with 15 – 60 days notice : Refund – 25%

Cancellation with < 15 days notice : No Refund

If you have booked a workshop, and need to cancel, please reach out to me ASAP – I will always be happy to look at re-booking you onto another workshop on a date that works to avoid cancelation costs in the first instance.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

I’m also happy to customise this workshop for groups of two people with bespoke themes – if you would like to attend a workshop like this with a customised theme please let me know and I will be happy to arrange.